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CharyanandaNath Siddha Yogvidya Peetham

"In the graceful embrace of Divine Mother Lalita Maha Tripura Sundari, discover the essence of love, beauty, and divine grace that resides within us all."

"Let the sacred vibrations of Lalita Sahasranama awaken the dormant energies within, guiding us on a journey of healing, transformation, and spiritual elevation."

"Within the thousand names of Lalita, lies the power to dissolve obstacles, heal wounds, and illuminate the path to inner harmony and wholeness."

"Invoke the nurturing presence of Lalita Maha Tripura Sundari through the recitation of Lalita Sahasranama, and feel her divine blessings shower upon you, enveloping you in love and light."

"As we delve into the depths of Lalita Sahasranama, we unlock the ancient secrets of healing and restoration, reconnecting with the timeless wisdom of the Divine Mother."

"May the sacred syllables of Lalita Sahasranama resonate within your being, weaving a tapestry of divine light and healing energy, bringing solace and rejuvenation to body, mind, and soul."

A Few Words About Charyanandanath Siddha Yogvidya Peetham Gurukul

CharyanandaNath Siddha YogVidya Peetham is a sanctuary of holistic wisdom and spiritual enlightenment, where ancient traditions converge with modern practices to guide individuals on a profound journey of self-discovery and healing. 

Led by the visionary founder, Brahmasmi, is a Holistic Lifestyle Guide and "A Child of Lalita Mahatripura Sundari." 

our institution offers a unique curriculum focused on transformative power of Lalita Sahasranaam. Through personalized guidance, educational programs, and immersive experiences, we empower individuals from diverse industries to achieve balance, fulfillment, and "SriMata LalitaAmbika Consciousness". Welcome to a haven where the mind, body, and soul unite to illuminate the path to holistic well-being.

Our Featured Memberships

L-0-Healing Waves Of Lalita Sahasranama 

Begin your spiritual journey with our introductory Level 0 program, designed to gently immerse you in the sacred energy of Lalita Sahasranama through the power of listening. This foundational course is perfect for beginners and those seeking to purify their environment through divine vibrations. Through six carefully crafted steps, you'll learn to absorb and radiate the transformative power of the sacred names

L-1- Nama Sankirtan Yoga: A Life Resonating with Sacred Sound

Embark on your spiritual journey with our comprehensive Level 1 program, designed to introduce you to the transformative practice of Lalita Sahasranama recitation. This foundational course guides you through six essential steps 

L-2-Dhyana Drishti Yoga: The Vision of Meditative Living

Deepen your connection with the Divine Mother through our advanced Level 2 program, focusing on the inner meditative aspects of Lalita Sahasranama. This course elevates your practice to a more subtle and profound level, guiding you through six transformative steps 

L-3-Pranava Yoga: Breathing the Essence of Divinity

Elevate your spiritual practice to its pinnacle with our profound Level 3 program, focusing on the soul-oriented aspects of Lalita Sahasranama. This advanced course guides you to infuse the divine energy of each sacred name into your very essence, using the ancient technique of breath-synchronized chanting. Through six transformative steps, you'll learn to embody the divine consciousness 

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1. My Bio Profile:


I am Yogesh G., known spiritually as Brahmasmi, founder of Charyanandanath Siddha Yogvidya Peetham Gurukul. As a Holistic Lifestyle Guide and devoted child of Lalita Mahatripura Sundari, I combines ancient wisdom with modern understanding to help seekers achieve balance in their material and spiritual lives.I belong to "Siddha Moola Varg Parampara,Urdva Amnaya Ancient Sri vidya tradition".


2. About Me:


I am, a passionate teacher dedicated to guiding individuals on their journey to holistic well-being. Through the teachings of Lalita Sahasranama, I help people unlock their potential and find harmony in all aspects of life - physical, subtle, and causal. My approach blends traditional spiritual practices with practical lifestyle guidance, offering a unique path to personal growth and healing.I am having 27 years of experiance in various spiritual practices.


3. My Vision:


My vision is to create a world where individuals can thrive in both their material and spiritual lives. By sharing the profound wisdom of Lalita Sahasranama and holistic lifestyle principles, I aim to empower people to overcome life's challenges, heal themselves, and realize their true potential. I envision a community of awakened souls who contribute positively to the world while progressing on their spiritual path.

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